David Khan Demands Crackdown on PACs

Alberta Liberal Party Leader David Khan Demands a Crackdown on Political Action Committees 

Calgary, AB (June 22, 2017)

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan is demanding the government introduce strict regulations for political action committees (PACs) to stop unscrupulous fundraising on both the right and left. 

Jason Kenney's conservatives set up a PAC called “Unite Alberta" that has apparently raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to support his PC leadership campaign. He reneged on a campaign pledge to release donors’ names and be transparent about expenditures.

Now, former Progressive Conservative ​President​Katherine O’Neill is the Executive Director of​ a new PAC called “Alberta Together.” She claims it has already raised $100,000 and is working towards $500,000 to support the creation of a new party for disaffected PCs

​Alberta Together is hosting a meeting in Red Deer this Saturday​

The Alberta Liberal Party will not be attending that meeting.

“We need bold action to reduce the impact of big money on Alberta politics,” says Khan. “Unregulated third-party fundraising and spending are corrupting the democratic process​."

Khan is proposing strict regulations, including the banning of corporate and union donations to PACs, setting donation limits, and making donations to PACs above $250 and PAC expenditures transparent to the public.

“Alberta has the opportunity to be a national leader in democratic accountability and electoral finance ​reform.

“This NDP Government should not abdicate its responsibility to ensure our democracy cannot be bought.”


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