Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan says NDP continue to fail Albertans on Electoral Reform

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan says the NDP Government have failed again to meaningfully strengthen election finance rules with Bill 16 (Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Statutes Amendment Act) by continuing to ignore Political Action Committees (PACs).  

Khan stated, “The NDP Government continues to dash Albertans’ hopes for meaningful legislative changes regulating third-party political actors in this province.

“Bill 16 is yet another failure by this NDP Government to address issues like union, corporate and even foreign donations. They’ve also left the door wide open for unlimited political activity other than advertising.

“The NDP dances around the edges looking to close loopholes that benefit the UCP but fails to address the obvious benefits to the NDP.

“Electoral reform should safeguard and assure Albertans of the fairness of our democracy. It should not empower the NDP’s re-election strategy.”

The Alberta Liberal Opposition introduced Bill 214 (An Act to Regulate Political Action Committees) to address Alberta’s growing PAC problems in the 2017 Fall Legislature sitting. The Bill was the most comprehensive legislation ever proposed on regulating PACs in Canada. The NDP Government did not support our legislation. Instead the NDP introduced watered-down legislation that did not hamper their own PAC - Project Alberta.

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