Consumer Protection - Platform Preview


Most businesses act in good faith, looking to foster mutually-beneficial relationships with consumers. However, some businesses act in bad faith and attempt to take advantage of the public. That is why it is critical we strengthen our consumer protection laws.

End Bill Charges

We would prohibit provincially-regulated businesses from charging monthly fees for paper bills and statements and lobby Ottawa to follow through on a previous commitment to do the same for federally-regulated businesses.

Consumers are being ripped off by monthly fees for paper bills and statements.

Condominium Dispute Resolution

We will fast-track the creation of an online tribunal modeled on British Columbia’s Civil Resolution Tribunal to resolve condo disputes and small claims matters. Dispute resolution options for condominium residents in Alberta are lacking. Matters that could be solved by a tribunal are often sent to the courts instead. This costs everyone involved more time and more money.

Protecting Renters

Alberta Liberals will protect renters by amending the Residential Tenancies Act to require landlords to provide $750 in relocation benefits to tenants displaced by a building disaster or structural failure. We will also beef up the Residential Tenant Dispute Resolution Service ("RTDRS") and streamline its procedures, to more efficiently settle landlord-tenant disputes, reduce costs, and lower the number of these disputes that end up in our court system.

Comprehensive Licensing of Day Homes and Day Home Operators

Alberta Liberals will enact strong legislation to protect our children with high standards that will require criminal background checks, training, and mandatory inspections for day homes. Two children have died in Calgary alone in recent years in dayhomes. That’s two children too many. This is absolutely unacceptable. Currently, there is no licensing or regulation of day homes.

Fairness for Mobile Home Owners

Alberta's current laws are not protecting mobile home owners. We will announce a plan to amend existing legislation to better protect their interests. 

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