Hiring of AUPE Negotiator Clear Conflict of Interest

David Swann highly skeptical about hiring former AUPE negotiator Kevin Davediuk

Leader David Swann expressed severe reservations about the Government’s appointment of former Alberta Union of Public Employee (AUPE) negotiator Kevin Davediuk.

“This is a clear conflict of interest,” stated Swann. “This government has made a bad habit of hiring insiders but this particular appointment is the most flagrant. As of yesterday, Davediuk’s name was still on the AUPE website as their negotiator.”

Over the next two years, the provincial government is entering into negotiations with several unions. On Wednesday in the Legislature, Minister of Labour, Christina Gray, stated that Davediuk was hired because he “was one of the best negotiators available.”

“By the Minister’s own admission there were other qualified negotiators available - the government should have chosen one not currently employed by AUPE,” Swann countered.  “Further, this was an appointment rather than a posted position with a selection of candidates, making the Minister’s argument even weaker.”

“There are many excellent negotiators in Alberta and, indeed, Canada. The NDP need to find one that isn’t conflicted about which side of the negotiation table to support.” Swann concluded.


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