Civility in Public Discourse

As Leader of the Alberta Liberal Party I wanted to take a moment to address an important issue. 
We have all noticed the recent increase in the political war of words between the NDP and UCP in Alberta.
It's getting more shrill, more personal and more nasty. So, I want to go on record and make it clear that Alberta Liberals are strongly opposed to this type of corrosive and demeaning behaviour.
Alberta Liberals have not and will not be part of the NDP vs UCP street fight. It is tiresome and embarrassing. It is hurtful and tone deaf. Albertans have had enough.
We are different. We will stay different. We want to help Albertans enjoy a better life in this great province. We don’t need bombastic bashing or tedious trolling to achieve that goal. We will not take cheap, personal pot shots. We will not engage in virulent, nonsensical name calling.
As Leader of the Alberta Liberal Party, I pledge we will stay positive and focus on doing what is best for all Albertans. We want a vigorous discussion of the issues. We will fight hard. We will be bold. We will be enthusiastic. We will not be extreme. We will aggressively tackle the issues. We will not aggressively attack our opponents.
Alberta Liberals will hold ourselves to a higher standard because Alberta deserves better.
You deserve better.
Dave Khan Leader of the Alberta Liberal Part

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