Can you Guess who Said This?

"It's more evidence, if we need any, that the entire communications campaign of the provincial government is essentially a partisan effort paid for with taxpayers' money, but designed to prop up Alison Redford and the PC party"

"They should be asked to pay for this because this is PC propaganda — it's not government advertising and it's obviously being pushed from the premier's office."

That's a quote from NDP House Leader Brian Mason in 2012 but if you've been following the exploits of the NDP lately you wouldn't guess it. Since coming into government the NDP have on numerous occasions used millions of your tax dollars to fund their political advertising campaigns. Ranging from the Carbon Tax to their disastrous PPA lawsuit, the sitting Government has followed in their PC predecessors' steps. 

The NDP have already been held in contempt of the legsilature for these actions.

Yet today we see they'll be spending another $4.5 million dollars doing the same. The NDP are using tax payer's dollars to market a tax! 

All the while they're lowering the maximum amount an individual can donate to a political party. That would be a courageous move if they didn't have their fingers in the public cookie jar. 

An Alberta Liberal government would end this abuse of taxpayers dollars and stand for the same principles in power that the stood for in opposition.  

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