Celebrating Calgary Pride


Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann issued the following statement to mark the Calgary Pride Parade which will take place this Sunday, September 6th:

“Diversity and inclusivity are among the greatest strengths of Alberta. This weekend, we will see these strengths on display as we celebrate the Calgary Pride Festival.

“This year, as students are returning to school, we have much to celebrate. Thanks to the efforts of Alberta Liberals, in particular former MLAs Laurie Blakeman and Kent Hehr, students in Calgary and across Alberta have a right to create Gay-Straight Alliances in any school where they may be needed.  We also repealed the homophobic section 11.1 of the Alberta Human Rights Act, which banned discussions of sexual orientation in the classroom.

“There is still work to be done to protect the LGBTQ community. In particular, it is past time to explicitly protect transgender individuals from discrimination on the basis of their gender identity or gender expression. I have written to the Minister of Justice on this matter, I will continue to advocate for these needed protections, and I call on all MLAs to support this change.

“This weekend, we celebrate. Next week, we continue with the work that is needed.”


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