Calgary Foothills Nomination Meeting

The Calgary Foothills Liberal Constituency Association will be holding a Nomination Meeting on July 24th to prepare for a byelection expected soon.

“Whenever the government calls the vote, we will be ready,” says leader David Swann. “I’m looking forward to giving the people of Calgary-Foothills a chance to vote for a sensible, centrist alternative.”

The byelection, which has not yet been called, must be held to replace former PC leader Jim Prentice, who resigned on election night minutes after winning the seat.

Dr. Swann says the vote will be an opportunity for voters in Calgary Foothills to send an early message to the NDP government.

“The Notley government is already showing signs listening only to their supporters and ignoring the opinions of average Albertans,” says Swann. “The last thing Albertans need is another silent NDP MLA.”

The Wildrose, Swann says, is reverting back to its one-note, right wing roots, and the PCs have lost the confidence of voters after abandoning the seat the night of the election.

“The Alberta Liberals represent the sensible, centrist positions held by most Albertans. We’ll work hard to give the voters of Calgary-Foothills an Alberta Liberal alternative.”

The meeting will be held at the Symons Valley United Church located at 38 Kincora Rise NW Calgary. Anyone interested in seeking the nomination should contact Dave Fisher, President of the Calgary Foothills Liberal Constituency Association, via email at [email protected]

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