Liberal Leader David Khan's Statement on Bullying Awareness Week

Calgary, AB (NOVEMBER 14, 2017): Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan released the following statement to mark Bullying Awareness Week:

“The theme for this year’s Bullying Awareness Week is ‘Stand Up.’ Every day, Albertan youth are victims of bullying, harassment, and discrimination, and I join with leaders across the province in standing up to promote healthy relationships.

“The consequences of bullying are numerous and long-lasting, including its effect on a victim's long-term mental health. Bullied youth are at an increased risk of developing a psychiatric disorder and to suffer from depression as an adult.

“We must remember that often the best shelter for bullied and harassed youth is a strong support network of friends, mentors, and loved ones. Every Albertan deserves a space where they feel safe and cared for, and we should constantly strive to provide that space to those around us, especially the most vulnerable.”


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