Budget 2019: A Smart and Compassionate Alternative

"Alberta can have a bright future guided by ambition and empathy and anchored in pragmatism. UCP cuts are not the way forward.

"This is a budget of needless pain for Albertans. The UCP has decided we can’t afford the services Albertans need, but we can afford to ignore the experts.

"The last election, the Alberta Liberals proposed a revenue-neutral sales tax that could generate $1 billion in additional revenue from out-of-province visitors without raising net taxation on Albertans one cent. Ignoring this plan amounts to a billion dollars spent on political optics at a time when they’re asking Albertans to deal with the consequences of cuts.

"We can't build the economy of tomorrow without investments in education. We can't fight climate change without committing to protect our environment. We can't take care of our sick without a sustainable healthcare system. We can't afford to do any of this without sound fiscal policy. The Alberta Liberal plan would tackle the debt and build for the future."

- Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan

Our priorities include: 

Creating a sustainable healthcare system with a focus on prevention by:

  • Shifting spending to areas like nutrition, health education, screening, prevention, mental health, and team-based community care to drive down long-term healthcare costs

  • Finding savings by cutting the number of middle managers at Alberta Health Services and conducting extensive value-for-money audits

  • Investing in-home care and assisted living as a lower-cost alternative to long-term care where appropriate

Investing in the economy by investing in education by:

  • Capping class sizes

  • Maintaining funding for postsecondary institutions to create the jobs of tomorrow

  • Keeping post-secondary education affordable and accessible

  • Expanding supports for students with extra needs and mental health needs

Generating jobs and wealth through tax reform and free-market principles by:

  • Producing $1 billion in revenue from out-of-province visitors and making the first $57,000 of personal earnings tax exempt with a revenue-neutral sales tax of 8%

  • Creating economic activity by taxing consumption and not production and investment

  • Drastically cutting money spent on corporate welfare and subsidies to re-invest in public services

Combating and preparing for climate change by:

  • Creating a made-in-Alberta revenue-neutral carbon levy

  • Supporting green initiatives that reduce carbon emissions and protect biodiversity

  • Budgeting much more realistically for disaster recovery instead of relying on massive supplementary appropriations

You can learn more about where we stand by joining David Khan at our Post-Budget Pints & Politics in Calgary or by reading our 2019 Election platform here. Make sure to sign up below to get updates from the Alberta Liberal team.