Arts and Culture - Platform Preview


We view arts and culture as a celebration of life that forms the basis of our strong standard of living, enriches the lives of all Albertans, and makes our province an attractive place to invest in. They’re also an important contributor to the province’s economy. 

The Alberta Liberals also recognize the significant challenges that many artists face when pursuing employment as an artist. The Alberta Liberals are committed to maintaining current funding for the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

Film & TV Industry Tax Credits

The current grant-based system is too complex and is not retaining and attracting film & TV productions. Alberta Liberals support adding a tax credit system to the existing grant-based system.

Alberta’s natural beauty, and its highly-trained workforce and facilities, makes it a natural destination for filmmakers, yet our film industry’s potential hasn’t been met. Even Manitoba is now overtaking Alberta, which used to lead the country in film and TV production. It’s time to change that.

Status of the Artists Legislation

Alberta Liberals support Status of the Artists Legislation to formalize Alberta’s commitment to the arts and artists and make clear we support the important role they fulfill in our society and our economy.

Month of the Artist

The Alberta Liberals will proclaim an annual Month of the Artist in Alberta, and recognize the importance and value of this educational initiative in encouraging greater public awareness and recognition of artists and the arts.


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