Swann Commends AMA Discussions to Reduce Health Costs

Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann commends the Alberta Medical Association for initiating discussions on reducing health care costs

David Swann commended the Alberta Medical Association for its willingness to explore new options for Alberta’s health system. 

“This is historic,” said Swann after a phone call with the Alberta Medical Association president Dr. Carl Nohr. “The AMA has come forward to initiate discussions with the Health Minister on how doctors can be part of the solution to the current crisis in the Alberta Health System.”

Dr. David Swann, a physician himself, co-chaired the recently released Alberta Report on Mental Health and Addictions. In preparing the report, Dr. Swann and the panel engaged in months of consultations with Albertans regarding the health system and how it could be fixed. While the panel was focused on mental health and addictions, there was considerable overlap regarding Alberta Health System as a whole.

“There is absolutely no doubt that the Alberta Health System is close to failure in many areas,” Swann stated. “Primary care is of particular concern. The fee-for-service model promotes volume not quality and does not provide the incentives for team based and preventive health care. Changes to our primary care system are essential to improving access, quality and cost effectiveness.”

“A health system which costs less money, provides better care and offers its employees a positive work environment is definitely possible,” Swann concluded. “It’s been done in other parts of the world and Albertans working together can do it here.”


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