Alberta Liberals welcome $1.6 billion in Federal Funds to help Alberta Workers and the Energy Industry

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan responds to the Federal Government’s financial aid to the Oil and Gas Industry.

Khan stated, “This is a first step in the right direction. This is welcome financial aid. Let’s be clear, $1.6 billion in Federal Government funds will help Alberta energy workers and the oil and gas industry. More must still be done.

“This funding comes at a critical time as Alberta continues to struggle with soft oil prices and the effects of a slower economy. It provides more confidence to capital in the future of the energy industry. It provides more certainty to investors. It provides more hope to all Albertans.

“Alberta Liberals support the Trans Mountain Pipeline. We need to get this project built. Improved market access is the only long-term solution for Alberta’s current price differential crisis.

“We also support diversifying Alberta’s economy. We need to develop sectors like agriculture, high tech, tourism and renewable energy. We need to build an economy that stops the wild ride on the resource roller coaster.

“There is no quick fix for the challenges facing Alberta energy workers and their industry. There are plans in place for a recovery. It will take time. It will be tough. But, Albertans are tough.

“Together we can help each other. Together we can help Alberta get back on its feet.”

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