Alberta Liberals unveil Carbon Tax Policy

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan releases his plan to battle climate change and create a revenue-neutral carbon tax.

Khan stated, “We must all fight climate change. It is one of the most important issues of our time. Alberta Liberals are making this a priority in the 2019 Election.

“We must all change our behaviour. It is not just a responsibility of heavy emitters. Every single ton of carbon we emit into the atmosphere carries a cost to society. We all bear the cost.

“Alberta Liberals will make the carbon tax revenue-neutral. Economists agree that market-based approaches are the most cost-effective tool available to governments to address greenhouse gas emissions. It strikes a balance between protecting our environment and protecting our economy.

“We will adopt enhanced rebates for low-income Albertans. That we will also lower income taxes. The amount will be equal to the carbon tax Albertans pay. Our revenue-neutral carbon tax is efficient, equitable and protects the environment.

“The Alberta Liberals do not support the NDP Government version of a Carbon Tax. Our plan is different. We will be transparent in our reporting to all Albertans. Unlike the NDP Government we will fully inform the Legislature on the progress being made in reducing carbon emissions.

“We will not cancel the commitments currently paid for by the carbon tax. We will explain that funding structure in our comprehensive tax reform plan later this week.

“The Alberta Liberal Policy will boost the economy and safeguard our environment. We believe a revenue-neutral Carbon Tax is needed to combat climate change. Let’s stand together to protect our environment.”

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