Alberta Liberals Stand with Alberta on the Oil Price Differential Plan

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and Liberal MLA  David Swann stand with all Albertans on the Government’s plan to mandate reduced oil production.

Khan stated, “Alberta Liberals are calling on all Albertans to work together to solve our oil price crisis. This is not the time for finger pointing or the blame game. The Government’s proposal is not a silver bullet solution. But, it does point this Province in the right direction for price recovery.”

Swann stated, “We support any efforts that could help Alberta. We support getting the best price for our resource. We still have concerns about execution and unintended consequences of the oil price recovery plan. The Government has assured us that there will be no significant legal or trade challenges to this plan. We hope this is the case.”

Khan added, “There are no guarantees there won’t be more layoffs. We call on the Federal Government to reinstate enhanced employment benefits for oilpatch workers still losing their jobs. We must do all we can to protect Albertans from additional economic pain.

“This is a short-term strategy for price recovery. The long-term strategy is to build the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion. Alberta Liberals urge the Federal Government to properly consult with First Nations. Their concerns must be accommodated as needed. The same applies to marine shipping issues. We want this pipeline approved and built.

“Albertans must stand strong together. We are hardworking and resilient. We will get through this crisis.”

Khan and Swann are available for interviews.

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