Alberta Liberals slam Alberta Party tactics in Elbow

CALGARY, AB (October 25, 2014): Alberta Liberal candidate for Calgary-Elbow Susan Wright confirms her campaign has been approached by members of the Alberta Party seeking to make a backroom by-election deal.

“There was talk that they wanted to cut a deal to get us out of the race," says Wright. "The direct message we received on Twitter from Alberta Party campaign team member Marc Doll certainly lends credence to rumours they wanted to get me to drop out. It's very disappointing to see this sort of behaviour from a senior member of a party that speaks so piously about doing politics differently."



The message read: “Interesting crossroads… I think your numbers are saying what ours are. Do you see a path forward that could be a win-win for everyone?” (see screen shot below.)

The request from the Alberta Party came shortly after Alberta Party campaign strategist Stephen Carter indicated he had thoughts on how to bring together progressive parties. (see screen shot below)

Alberta Liberals slam Alberta Party tactics in Elbow


Stephen Carter is former PC Premier Redford's campaign manager and Chief of Staff who is now working on the Alberta Party campaign in Calgary-Elbow. 

 "I got into politics because I believe democracy should be about giving Albertans a real choice to decide what policies they support and who will best represent their values in the legislature," says Wright. "There are some people who will do anything to gain power, but I am not one of them.”

"I believe in putting my best foot forward and campaigning in an open and transparent manner because that is what the people of Calgary-Elbow expect from someone who seeks to earn their trust."

Alberta Liberal Leader Raj Sherman says with two days remaining before polling day, the Alberta Liberals will focus on making a strong finish in all four by-elections.

“We’re knocking on doors and making phone calls right up to the last minute,” says Sherman. “The people are wise. Let's let them decide who they want as their representative. We’re focused on making the case that the best choice for a strong economy and a strong society is Alberta Liberal." 

Founded in 1905, the Alberta Liberal Party has a long and proud history in Alberta. A major reason for the Party's longevity despite whatever challenges it faces is the commitment to the principle that a Liberal MLA is a local MLA first, and, as such, the primary objective is to stay true to the values of the people they represent and to stand up for constituents regardless of being in government or in opposition.  

"Media has repeatedly noted that we Liberal MLAs punch above our weight," says Sherman. "Albertans need to know that they are getting highly qualified and highly ethical representation by electing a Liberal, and I would encourage them to vote accordingly."


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