Alberta Liberals Ready to Lead for Albertans

EDMONTON, AB (December 17, 2014): Alberta Liberal Leader Raj Sherman addressed the media today to discuss the recent floor crossing of members of the Wildrose to the Progressive Conservative Caucus.


Premier Prentice has announced that nine Wildrose MLAs have been accepted into the Government Members Caucus, leaving behind five other members. In anticipation of this development, Sherman has asked the Speaker for the Alberta Liberals to be recognized as the Official Opposition citing experience and length of service as the determining factor.

“We have always said that two right-wing conservative parties opposing each other is not good for Albertans,” says Sherman. “It also isn’t good enough for the opposition to focus on angry rhetoric and scandal. We also need an opposition that holds the government to account, provides solutions, and represents the values of Albertans.

“Alberta Liberals are the only moderate, centrist alternative to the PCs.”

During the last provincial election, many progressive voters supported the PCs to avoid a Wildrose majority, which would cut government services, make more ideological changes to health care, and implement socially conservative policies. Now, that is exactly what the PCs propose to do.

“My sense is that Albertans feel betrayed,” says Sherman. “They are looking for their elected representatives to stand on principle and to keep fighting through the tough times.

“We have proven we can do that.”

Alberta Liberals are the only moderate, centrist alternative capable of delivering a strong economy AND a strong society through sound policy and solid fiscal management.


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