Alberta Liberals react to proposed UCP Democratic Reforms

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan issues the following release on Jason Kenney democratic reform proposals.

Khan stated, “Dark money will continue to buy elections in Alberta under the UCP’s proposal. A donation limit of $30,000 only seems reasonable when you have access to over $3 million in Political Action Committee (“PAC”) donations. The UCP is clearly comfortable using massive dark money pools. That is how you buy an election. Alberta Liberals condemn this abuse of democracy. We fear Alberta voters are losing control.

“Alberta Liberal Bill 214, An Act to Regulate Political Action Committees, introduced in 2017, proposed to limit PAC donations to $4,000. It is the same limit that currently applies to political parties. We would have banned corporate and union donations. The NDP Government killed our bill and substituted weak and and ineffective third-party advertising restrictions. The UCP stood on the sidelines and let this happen. Now, we know why.

“Jason Kenney is the biggest abuser of dark money and PACs. PACs linked to the UCP have accepted large out-of-province donations. He has accepted huge personal donations. He has refused to disclose his donors. What is Jason Kenney hiding from Alberta voters?

“Jason Kenney has also ignored the biggest issue - electoral fairness in Alberta. Our current “first-past-the-post” system (“FPTP”) can leave over 50% of votes uncounted. It distorts the popular vote. It has negative impacts on the representation of women and minorities. Alberta Liberals support electoral reform.

“Jason Kenney has adopted Alberta Liberal policy on free votes, fixed election dates and government advertisements. He should have taken more of our ideas. Alberta Liberal proposals would have strengthened Alberta democracy. It would have empowered Alberta voters.

“Jason Kenney’s proposed changes are designed to help Jason Kenney. They are not designed to help Alberta voters. Alberta Liberals will not buy votes. We will be your honest voice in the Legislature. We will help Alberta voters regain control of their democracy.”

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