Alberta Liberals’ Priorities for Spring Session

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and MLA David Swann issue their priorities for the 2019 Spring Legislative Session.

Khan stated, “The Alberta Liberals priority issues will be improving public healthcare, the TMX Pipeline, boosting education and an immediate ban on conversion therapy. We will hold the NDP Government to account for failing to deliver on its progressive promises. We will also battle against the UCP efforts to push the legislative agenda towards their 1950s social conservative vision of Alberta.”

Swann stated, “We must preserve public healthcare. We will hold the NDP Government to account with its Bill 1 for failing to reduce wait times, not providing sufficient mental health resources, and limiting access in Central Alberta.”

Khan added, “Alberta Liberals will also fight against any and all efforts to privatize this vital service for Albertans. The UCP are prepared to cut healthcare funding and boost the fee-for-service model. All Albertans deserve affordable and accessible public health care.


“We will push the NDP to demand Federal Government accountability on the status of the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Indigenous consultation process. As a Constitutional Law & Indigenous Rights lawyer, I know this consultation can be complex, extensive and sensitive. We must get this right. Albertans cannot afford another mistake on this project so vital for job creation and our economy.”

Khan continued, “We will continue to tackle education issues, including the Government's failure to reduce class sizes, boost inclusive education and immediately end seclusion rooms.”

Swann stated, “We called on the Government for legislation banning Conversion Therapy 13 months ago, in February 2018. Nothing has happened. We will continue to pressure them on this issue. A Jason Kenney Government cannot be trusted to care about this issue and legislate a ban. We must have action on this issue during the session.

“We know Albertans are anxious about their future. They see other political parties squabble and stumble from scandal to scandal. Alberta Liberals will be different. We will present constructive solutions. We will make life better for all Albertans.”

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