Alberta Liberals issue Flag Day Statement

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan issues the following statement in recognition of the 55th anniversary of Flag Day in Canada.

Alberta Liberals are proud to join all Canadians in honouring our iconic flag and its shared values of diversity, inclusion, equality and freedom. Albertans can be proud that our now famous Red Maple Leaf was designed by a Calgarian. It was unanimously approved by our Parliament in Feb 1965.

“Flag Day is particularly important in 2019 amid the heated rhetoric questioning Alberta’s place in Confederation. Separatist sentiment has risen with increasing frustrations over pipelines and equalization payments. Some politicians claim we have no meaningful place in Canada. They are wrong.

“‘I share the frustrations of some Albertans but urge them to embrace positive solutions and use constructive dialogue to build a better country. Albertans have a rich history of leadership that helped to develop our nation. Albertans are an important part of Canada. That will never change.

“Canada is an ambitious nation. We are a country that is deeply committed to diversity and freedom of the individual. We have brought together unique populations, languages and cultures spread across the second largest national geography in the world.

“Albertans can build our country while still defending our provincial interests with collaborative, forward thinking. Let us honour our flag by honouring our country. Let’s live in peace, prosperity and with the promise of a bright future for all Canadians.”

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