Alberta Liberals demand the resignation of Caylan Ford, UCP candidate in Calgary-Mountain View

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan demands the immediate resignation of Caylan Ford, UCP Candidate in Calgary-Mountain View.

Khan stated, “Caylan Ford’s comments are abhorrent. Her support of white supremacist values will sicken decent people across this province. These are not the values of Albertans. These are not the values of the people in Calgary-Mountain View. She is not fit to run as an MLA. UCP Leader Jason Kenney should remove her immediately as his candidate.

“Alberta Liberals stand for a tolerant, inclusive and diverse Alberta. More importantly, we will never stand by and allow racism and hatred to flourish under the phoney guise of discussing political issues. Alberta Liberals will fight against all evil ideology.

“Fifty people were murdered in cold blood by a hateful terrorist in New Zealand just days ago. We stand with victims of racism and hate. We ask Jason Kenney to stand with us and remove Caylan Ford, his hand-picked UCP candidate in Calgary-Mountain View. That is the right decision. He knows it. We know it. Albertans know it.”


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