Alberta Liberals demand action on police carding before next election

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan demands the NDP Government act on police carding.

The Alberta Liberals believe police carding should be banned. The NDP Government failed to keep their promise and act on the carding issue. We are demanding action before the next election.

Khan stated, “The practice of carding does not work, according to studies. It is not an effective policing tool. It targets visible minorities. It alienates communities and undermines individual rights. It must stop.”

Carding has been defined as “when a police officer randomly asks an individual to provide identifying information when there is no objectively suspicious activity. The individual is not suspected of any offence. There is no reason to believe the individual has any information on any offence.”

Khan added, “This Government announced in August 2017 it would conduct a 6-week consultation on this issue. The next step was to draft guidelines and get stakeholder feedback prior to finalization and implementation. Albertans have been waiting almost 18 months. Nothing has been announced.

“If the UCP win the next election, then Jason Kenney could be making the decision on this important issue. He has not expressed any condemnation of this practice. His right-wing values will not support a humane outcome.

“I demand this Government end carding. Police should not be asking for ID with no grounds for suspicion. At the very least there should be guidelines in place before the next election. Some Albertans are being harmed and humiliated by this practice. That cannot continue.”

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