Alberta Liberals condemn NDP and UCP gutting opposition caucuses’ and MLAs’ budgets

Alberta Liberal Party Leader David Khan and Caucus Leader David Swann condemn NDP and UCP strong-arm tactics to weaken opposition parties and independent MLAs.

Khan states, “This is a bad day for democracy in Alberta. Albertans’ voices are being silenced. The NDP and UCP are ganging up to slash opposition parties’ and independent MLAs’ budgets by up to 60%. Clearly, the NDP and UCP fear the effectiveness of independent opposition MLAs.

“The “Gang of Two” are trying to entrench dual party rule in Alberta. This brutal tactic may work in tin pot dictatorships but not in this province. Alberta is an open democracy where citizens are legally entitled to many political choices.

“The Liberal Opposition pressured the NDP Government on many issues. We fought to get Albertans a better deal on AISH funding and classroom sizes. We battled against EMS-ER wait times and conversion therapy. We pushed for oil patch cleanup bonds to limit taxpayer liability.

“Competition is necessary for a strong democracy. When you muzzle democratic voices you are ignoring voters. The NDP and UCP will soon have to face those voters in the upcoming provincial Election. Alberta voters will not stand for this brutal attack on democracy.”

Swann stated, “Two-party politics increases partisanship and personal attacks. Albertans are sick of this type of politics. Alberta Liberals have positive solutions to make life better for all Albertans. We will not be muzzled.”

Khan added, “Albertans deserve a strong multi-party democracy. The “first-past-the-post” electoral system is broken. Alberta Liberals are the only party campaigning for electoral reform in this next election. Clearly, it is needed.

“The NDP and UCP are trying to hijack the upcoming election. Alberta Liberals will not let them trample democracy. Alberta voters will punish this abuse of power.”

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