Alberta Liberals Announce Urban Municipalities Platform

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan announces the Alberta Liberal Urban Municipalities Platform.

Khan stated, “Local Government matters. Our municipalities play an increasingly important role in the life of Albertans. But they are disrespected by higher orders of Government. Urban municipalities face unpredictable funding, cost downloading and a lack of cooperation.

“The Alberta Liberal Urban Municipalities Platform will stand up for municipalities and provide them greater autonomy. We will amend the Municipal Government Act to formally recognize municipalities and their councils. They will become  a new order of government.

“We are committed to granting new revenue-generating powers to Edmonton and Calgary. Cities and their voters will be free to make decisions on taxes and spending. They will no longer need provincial politicians to make those decisions. Local decision makers know best about local issues.

“We will also create an equitable cannabis revenue-sharing model. The NDP Government has unfairly compensated cities on cannabis sales relative to the costs they are incurring for legalization.

“We are also renewing our pledge for stable and predictable funding for all municipalities. Growth requires long term planning. Both need stable funding. Alberta Liberals will deliver that funding.

“An Alberta Liberal Government will give urban municipalities a veto over oil and gas drilling within their boundaries. This will give cities the ability to plan for safe and sustainable growth and development.

“Alberta Liberals will work with local governments. We will help these communities flourish. We will help all Albertans flourish.”

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