Alberta Liberals Announce Sustainable Healthcare Strategy

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan announces the Alberta Liberal Sustainable Healthcare Strategy.

Khan stated, “Alberta Liberals will improve Healthcare services with a bold new Sustainable Healthcare Strategy. We will target continuing and preventative care to drive down skyrocketing costs. The Alberta Liberal plan will not spend more. It will spend more smartly. Albertans will receive better services.

“Our continuing care plan includes a commitment to build 2,200 new long-term beds over the next 4 years. Non-profit, faith-based and private companies are currently able to build these beds for half the cost. We will take advantage of this opportunity to save Albertans money.

“We will also invest another $150 million over the same period into homecare and assisted living. Many Albertans would be better served by long-term and homecare instead of taking up acute care beds. Both are significantly less costly. Albertans will see the immediate benefits.

“We will focus on a proactive healthcare strategy. This includes boosting community care. We will also redirect patients and resources into long-term care and homecare. More acute care spaces will be freed up for priority patients.

“The Alberta Liberals will commission a preventative healthcare task force. They will evaluate preventative healthcare strategies that help reduce long-term costs without jeopardizing outcomes or access. We will initially invest $100 million towards expanding preventative care.

The NDP Government is failing on healthcare. The UCP want to slash spending on healthcare if they take office. Albertans should be concerned with both approaches.

“In 20 years the costs of our healthcare system will skyrocket as the number of seniors in Alberta doubles. If we do not make our healthcare more sustainable this “grey wave” will break our system. We must take action today.

“The Alberta Liberal strategy will improve healthcare services. We will deliver those better services to all Albertans. Albertans need better Healthcare NOW, not in 10 years."

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