Alberta Liberals Announce Path to a Basic Income

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan Announces the Alberta Liberal plan towards a Basic Income.

Khan stated, ”Too many Albertans are trapped in a cycle of poverty. Alberta Liberals will free them with our plan for a Basic Income. We will give these Albertans freedom and dignity. This is not a handout. Our plan is a hand up.

“A Basic Income is a set payment, often minus 50% of any earned income. It’s provided to low-income couples or individuals. It ensures a minimum income level regardless of employment status.

“This is a bold and complex policy. Alberta Liberals want your input. We will consult with Albertans and independent experts before launching a pilot project. Then we will launch a Basic Income based on the results.

“A Basic Income will improve health and education outcomes. It will grow the economy. It will reduce crime. There is ample proof. 45% of survey participants from Ontario’s Basic Income project reported a reduction in health problems. 28% stopped relying on food banks. The Dauphin “Mincome” project showed a rise in test scores for students.

“The Basic Income also has economic benefits. It would give Albertans more freedom to pursue job training and post-secondary studies. It will increase our skilled labour pool. A Roosevelt Institute study showed that a Basic Income could grow GDP by 12% over 8 years in the United States. 100 CEOs stated in an open letter that Basic Income can address emerging economic problems such as underemployment and automation.

“The cost of Basic Income will be offset by savings in healthcare, social services, and justice, combined with economic growth. This can be an affordable program.

“It is time for an ambitious anti-poverty strategy in Alberta. It is time to move towards a Basic Income. All Albertans deserve a quality life. Alberta Liberals are committed to making lives better.”

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