Alberta Liberals announce Electoral Reform Platform

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan announces the Alberta Liberal Electoral Reform Platform.

Khan stated, “The Alberta Liberals will launch reforms to make Alberta’s Government work for everyone. It is not working now. We will create a more democratic system. We will ensure more Alberta voices are heard in the Legislature.

“Alberta’s “first-past-the-post” (“FPTP”) electoral system is broken. FPTP leaves over half the votes cast uncounted, reduces representation for marginalized groups, and disenfranchises voters.

“We will replace FPTP with a more democratic Mixed Member Proportional Representation System (“MMPR”). MMPR has voters cast ballots twice. They vote once for a local constituency candidate. They vote again directly for a political party. Votes for constituency candidates work similarly to our current system. The vote for political parties will elect representatives from a published list of party candidates.

“Seat counts will more accurately reflect the percentage of political parties popular vote under MMPR. The Legislature will more accurately reflect the will of Alberta voters and maintain the local representation Albertans value.

“We will establish an automatic sunset clause on the electoral reform measure. There will be a referendum after two elections under MMPR. Voters can then choose to keep the proportional representation system, or revert to the FPTP system.

“We will also limit the dark money of Alberta’s Political Action Committees (“PACs”). We will ban union, corporate and foreign donations to PACs. We will cap individual PACs donations to $4,000 a year per person.

“We will boost funding for Alberta’s advocates and officers and create a Legislature Budget Officer. We will implement fixed election dates and pass stronger regulations for Government advertising in pre-election periods.

“This NDP government has received a ‘D’ grade on access to information from News Media Canada. An Alberta Liberal Government will deliver an ‘A’. We will mandate flat-fee freedom of information (“FOIP”) requests and more resources for FOIP offices.”

The Alberta Government must work for everyone in our Province. Albertans deserve it. Alberta Liberals will deliver it.

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