Alberta Liberals announce affordable housing strategy

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan issues the Alberta Liberal affordable housing strategy.

Khan stated, “The ten-year plan to end homelessness did not end homelessness. The NDP and PC Governments are responsible. The PCs invested 0 new capital dollars into affordable housing in 2012-2015. The NDP committed a paltry $1.2 billion over five years and now another $339 million over 10. That is less than half of their spending on the discredited oil-by-railcar plan over the same period.

“Alberta Liberals will double funding for new affordable housing over the next five years. We will commit an additional $50 million towards repairing and upgrading existing facilities. This won’t solve the problem. But it’s a start.

“Municipalities created most of the affordable housing. Their efforts are battling homelessness. Provincial governments downloaded this problem onto municipalities.

“In Calgary, 4,000-5,000 people are on the affordable housing waiting list. In Edmonton, over 50% of that city’s social housing units need repair. Clearly more must be done.

“All Albertans deserve freedom from poverty and homelessness. It is not a choice. We must constantly review the specific needs of diverse groups. This includes Indigenous people, seniors, low-income Albertans, the chronically homeless and special needs individuals.

“Housing provides psychological and physical security. It frees up healthcare beds needed for urgent conditions. It helps reduce mental illness, crime, addiction and violence. Dealing with these issues now saves higher social costs in the future. It is a wise and necessary investment.

“Alberta Liberals are committed to ending homelessness. Let's work together to put a roof over every Albertan.”

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