Why should I vote Liberal? 

Our plan is specifically designed for hard-working Alberta families. You can trust us to promote progressive issues, invest in municipalities, and provide leadership for all Albertans. Alberta Liberals are not beholden to any special interest – just your interest. 

How are you different than the other parties? 

The Alberta Liberal Party proudly occupies the moderate, sensible centre. While the other parties are on the fringes, the Liberals stand with hard-working Albertans. 

I’ve heard the Liberals are often called a ‘tax and spend’ party. Is this true? 

No! Alberta Liberals believe in tax fairness. We don’t believe in keeping taxes so low that the government can’t afford to provide essential services, like heath care. 

I’m thinking about voting for a non- PC Party, but I’m not sure which one. Why vote Alberta Liberal? 

Alberta Liberals are the only trusted moderate and centrist alternative capable of providing leadership for all Albertans. 

If you’re an Opposition MLA, can you get anything actually done? 

Yes! Liberal MLAs have a great deal of influence. Recently, Liberal MLAs pushed the government to enact the gay-straight alliance legislation. PC backbencher MLAs stayed silent. 

Here are recent Liberal MLA wins: 

  • Standing up for front line workers by opposing Bills 45 and 46. 
  • Protecting Albertans’ pensions from planned PC cuts. 
  • Reversal of one-bath-a-week policy for seniors and the disabled. 
  • Bringing in a ban on smoking in vehicles with minors. 
  • Rallying to help keep Michener Centre open. 
  • Highlighting the true cost of health care mismanagement.
  • Publicly releasing AHS performance benchmarks after they were hidden. 
  • Compiling documents detailing billions of dollars in deferred infrastructure maintenance.
  • Exposing hundreds of millions of sole-sourced contracts to PC insiders for public relations services.
  • Raising awareness about physician intimidation in our health care system. 
  • Support for gay-straight alliances in all schools.