Alberta Liberal Leader Swann shocked at the actions of the Wildrose towards visiting Premier Kathleen Wynne, calls for apology

Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann made this statement on the behaviour of the Wildrose during yesterday’s question period:

“I have spent yesterday afternoon and evening in a state of disbelief at the reception of the Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynne, when visiting the Alberta Legislature.

“The behaviour of some members of the official opposition leaves me shocked and saddened. The treatment of Ms. Wynne – the legislature’s guest of honour – showed the worst form of partisan politics and was utterly against not only tradition, but common decency.

“For a party which has berated the current government for not getting national infrastructure built, they have shown an astounding lack of judgement in lashing out at one of Alberta’s strongest allies.

“With this petulant display, the Wildrose have proved, yet again, that they do not represent Alberta’s core values of respect and tolerance. I can only imagine the response of the Wildrose should any Albertan premier receive similar treatment in any of Canada’s legislative assemblies.

“Ms. Wynne has my apology on behalf of the legislature and I encourage the other party leaders to offer the same.”

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