David Swann on Announced Regulatory Procedure Changes

Edmonton, AB (January, 2016):

Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann is cautiously optimistic about changes to the regulatory procedures announced today by the Federal Government.

“There is much to be positive about in this announcement,” Swann said. “A fair evaluation of greenhouse gas emissions, meaningful consultation with communities and First Nations and a commitment to an effective, revamped National Energy Board. I am cautiously optimistic that this is the first step in creating an environmental approvals process that Canadians can be confident in.”


Dr. Swann did express concern at the additional time the Government proposed for its review of the Trans-Mountain and Energy East projects. “I understand the reasons why the Government has asked for more time but I urge Prime Minister Trudeau to adhere to these new timelines. The capital investment Canada needs requires certainty and a process which can be infinitely extended does not provide confidence to industry.”

“I’m encouraged that the Federal Government is taking seriously the need for these infrastructure projects. There appears to be a recognition that building pipelines is not an east vs west issue, but an issue of national importance,” Swann concluded.

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