Alberta Liberal Leader Dr. David Swamm comments on proposed minimum wage hikes

In response to today’s announced increase to the minimum wage, Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann called on the government to listen to the concerns of business owners and recognize that the timing and scale of the change will have a major impact on both business solvency and employment.

The minimum wage increase comes not only during an economic downturn but at a time when businesses are adjusting to new taxes, and an increase in Canadian Pension Plan premiums. With many small businesses already struggling with the economic downturn, a dramatic increase in the minimum wage could hurt entrepreneurs and workers alike. 

“This government is clearly not attuned to the needs of business owners,” said Swann. “Either they’re simply not listening or they’re too ideologically driven to acknowledge the timing of their plan needs to be reconsidered; either way, they are not paying attention to the reality of the business climate today.

“I urge the government to take its head out of the sand and recognize the concerns of those that will be negatively affected by their policy,” Swann concluded. “This one-sided, top-down approach to the issue threatens to do more harm than good.”

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