Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann welcomes expanded Sunshine List, reiterates call for merit-based appointments to agencies, boards, and commissions

Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann today welcomed the publishing of the province’s expanded “Sunshine List,” and reiterated his call for the NDP to implement a merit-based system for appointments to Alberta’s agencies, boards, and commissions (ABCs).

Today marks the deadline for ABCs to publicly release their executive salaries. Going forward, ABCs will now be required to publicly disclose all compensation paid to board members – a change that should help restore at least some measure of accountability to a system where patronage and entitlement were allowed to fester under previous administrations. While Swann applauds the progress on compensation transparency, he warns that more can and should be done to depoliticize the appointment process for ABCs.

“These financial disclosures help shine a light on the political culture promoted by previous PC governments, which routinely used appointments to ABCs as a way to reward political insiders and maintain control,” said Dr. Swann. “Unfortunately, the NDP has demonstrated that it too is not beyond political favouritism when it comes to making government appointments.

“Once again the Alberta Liberals and I are calling for the NDP to take the appointments process out of the government’s hands and introduce an independent, merit-based appointment system for Alberta’s agencies, boards, and commissions,” Swann concluded. “Only by having all ABC candidates recruited and vetted through an independent appointments commission can we ensure a system that works for Albertans rather than the government in power.”

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