Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann encourages Albertans to wear an orange shirt on September 30th as a symbol of hope and reconciliation

“September 30th is Orange Shirt Day, a day we wear a shirt of the same colour as that taken from Phyllis Webstad in 1973 on her first day at a residential school.

“Late September is the time when First Nation’s children were taken from their homes and moved to residential schools. We wear an orange shirt in recognition of not only Phyllis’ suffering, but the suffering of thousands incarcerated at these schools across Canada.

“Wearing the Orange Shirt is a symbol of hope, of a collective desire to find, in many different forms, supportive relationships and respect on the road to reconciliation.

“I believe that through remembrance of history we can forge a better future.

“I am wearing orange tomorrow, and I encourage others to do the same.”

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