Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann disappointed NDP did not publicly release report on economic effects of carbon tax

Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann made this statement on today’s leaked financial report detailing possible economic effects of the NDP’s Climate Leadership Plan:

“For three months in the spring legislature session the Alberta Liberals asked the government repeatedly for the cost benefit analysis of the carbon tax. For three months we were told that all the information was in the budget, in the business plans and that the potential economic effects of the proposed carbon tax were negligible.

“Today, a leaked report from the government’s own financial advisors has indicated possible serious repercussions on an already ailing Alberta economy as a result of this proposed system.

“‘Just trust us’ isn’t good enough. Albertans deserve to know the possible effects of a combination of the carbon tax, the accelerated coal phase-out and the high-cost electricity transmission build out.

“Albertans deserve the right to make informed decisions and they deserve the right to a transparent process.

“This is the reason the Alberta Liberals could not support the NDP’s carbon tax this spring and we will continue to fight for a more accountable, transparent process in the months and years ahead.”

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