Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann calls for action on education funding for Syrian refugees

Alberta Liberal Leader Dr. David Swann expressed his concern with the lack of additional provincial or federal funding to Alberta school boards to help them handle new Syrian refugee students.

“Syrian refugee students have experienced serious disruption in their lives and their educations, and still carry the trauma of being forced out of their homes by war,” said Swann. “It is vital that our schools receive appropriate resources to meet the extraordinary educational, psychological, and linguistic needs of these children.

“There was a commitment by all levels of government to not only transport refugees to Canada, but ensure that they were properly settled in their new homes,” Swann continued. “We cannot leave this financial burden on school boards that are already struggling to provide adequate services for students.

“The federal and provincial governments need to decide who is responsible for providing this support sooner rather than later,” Swann concluded.

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