Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan will attend Mission Possible 2018 Community Celebration.

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan will be attending the Mission Possible 2018 Community Celebration.

Speaking on the Calgary Flood Khan stated, “Join me in celebrating the resilience and strength of Calgarians as we mark the 5th anniversary of the 2013 Calgary Flood. It was the costliest flood in Canadian history causing more than $6 billion in damage. Calgarians paid that price with catastrophic destruction of their homes and property. But, we all pulled together, helped each other and fulfilled the true meaning of community.

“Alberta has been described as the “Natural Disaster Capital” by the Insurance Bureau of Canada. It’s time the NDP Government began to develop new strategies for disaster mitigation and relief that will protect all Albertans.”

Alberta Liberals are calling on the development of low cost comprehensive government-supported overland flood insurance. Both the Alberta and Federal Governments must collaborate together on this plan

“The Provincial Government is responsible for covering uninsured losses in the immediate aftermath of a major disaster. That can be a significant hit to the Provincial Budget. While the Federal Government has covered some of these losses, they are now reducing funding for disaster relief. . Clearly, this compensation model is changing and may no longer be adequate.”

Canada is the only G7 country without government-supported overland flood insurance available for its citizens.

That must change to protect all Albertans and all Canadians.

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