Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan unveils New Canadians Platform

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan announces his New Canadians Platform.

Khan stated, “Alberta Liberals will improve the lives of New Canadians in Alberta.New Canadians are vital to Alberta. Immigrants help us unlock our economic potential and the diversity they create enriches the multicultural fabric of our nation.

“The Alberta Liberals will improve access to foreign credential upgrades. This will help New Canadians find work in their field of expertise and break down barriers to their success. It will also address skilled labour shortages in Alberta. Our plan will strengthen our economy.

“We will help New Canadians integrate more easily into Canadian society. We will boost settlement funding, assisting new Canadians in making Alberta home. We will also invest in adult education and English-as-a-second-language (“ESL”) programs. This will make it easier for immigrants to communicate with their fellow Canadians.

“We will bolster support for organizations like the Centre for Newcomers and the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society. They help coordinate and educate skilled newcomers and find them employment.

“We will make it easier for immigrants to access Alberta Government services. We will provide those services in more languages. We will establish a telephone service that allows new Canadians to speak to government agents with the help of a translator.

“Alberta Liberals are committed to new Canadians in Alberta. We will provide them opportunities. We will make new Canadians’ lives better in Alberta.”

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