Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan rolls out Economic Growth Strategy

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan announces the Alberta Liberal Economic Growth Strategy.

Khan stated, “Alberta Liberals will create jobs for Albertans. We will reduce Alberta’s 7.1% unemployment rate. Our plan will provide more opportunities for all Albertans.

“The Alberta Liberal Economic Growth Strategy is based on three core principles: a world-class workforce; expanding market access; and creating an investment-friendly Alberta.

“We will launch our $80 million Back to Work Grant Fund. $2,500 will be given annually per person to help 32,000 out-of-work Albertans train for new job opportunities. We will also increase by 25% the number of STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) graduates in Alberta.

“We will work tirelessly to boost market access for our oil and gas products. We will push to approve and build the Trans Mountain Pipeline responsibly. We are demanding a progress report from the Federal Government on Indigenous consultations. We must get this process right. We will build renewed demand for an Energy East pipeline to displace foreign oil imports to eastern Canada.

“We will break down interprovincial trade barriers and build support for national infrastructure projects like pipelines. Alberta companies do more business in other provinces than they do internationally. The NDP/UCP strategy of attacking other provinces is hurting Alberta companies. We will work with Canadian companies. We will leave international trade to the Federal Government.

“We will adhere to pro-investment and free market values in Alberta. The NDP Government is playing venture capitalist with Alberta’s tax dollars. Alberta has become the province that spends the most on corporate subsidies. We will review all of them with an independent panel. They will make firm recommendations to reform this system.

“Our fiscal and tax plan has been cited by top economists as “the most pro-growth idea of the campaign.” Alberta Liberals will reduce provincial red tape to strengthen pro-growth reforms. We will propose concrete amendments to Bill C-69. We want to responsibly develop national infrastructure projects.

“We will exempt small business startups from income tax for their first three years. We will support these risk-takers during their initial difficult period. We will give them a chance to succeed and create more jobs for Albertans.

“Free enterprise can best grow the Alberta economy. Workers, employers and consumers will create shared prosperity. Alberta Liberals will take Government out of the business of doing business.”

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