Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan Reacts to UCP Throne Speech

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan issues the following statement in reaction to the UCP Throne Speech:

Khan stated, “This Throne Speech is proof that the UCP Government is unable to learn from their mistakes. Jobs are down, we’re struggling to attract investment, and our public services are suffering thanks to this Government. 

“Capital is attracted to stability, but Premier Kenney is offering us populist rhetoric, locking horns with Ottawa and offering no leadership on climate action. These were all reasons Teck canceled their Frontier oil sands mine application. An Alberta Liberal government would create the stability needed to attract new investment to our province. 

“The UCP has no plan to get Albertans back to work. Our party proposes creating a grant program to help out-of-work Albertans pay for post-secondary education and job training. This grant would help unemployed Albertans learn new skills and allow industry to fill labour shortages. 

“The UCP claim they won’t be cutting essential public services, but this simply isn’t true. Enrollment growth is not being funded and our health care system is in chaos. Albertans who depend on these public services are hurting thanks to this government. Alberta Liberals would strike a balance between investing in public services and balancing the government books. 

“I do, however, applaud the UCP’s move to limit donations to Political Action Committees and ban foreign donations. This is something Alberta Liberals have been championing for two years and something the NDP failed to do. It is positive to see the UCP listen to us on this issue.” 

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