Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan reacts to TMX decision

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan reacts to TMX Federal Court of Appeal decision

Calgary, AB (February 4, 2020): Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan responds to the Federal Court of Appeal decision dismissing four First Nations’ applications for judicial review of the TMX re-approval:

Khan stated, “This is good news for the Alberta economy, Indigenous communities and the rule of law. The Court affirmed the federal government fulfilled its constitutional duty to consult and accommodate First Nations affected by the Trans Mountain expansion project.

“Now it's time to build this important project and get Albertans working. 

“TMX will help Alberta get a better price for our oil and spur job creation in the oilpatch. This important project will also generate royalties and tax revenues to pay for social programs and generate investment in green energy. It will create jobs for First Nations, both along the route and in the oilsands. Canadians will benefit from coast to coast to coast.



“TMX will help support the strongest environmental regulations in the world. The federal government has invested heavily in its Oceans Protection Plan and has committed to reducing carbon emissions. The goal is to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. We strongly support that goal.

“As Alberta Liberal Leader, I believe the Trans Mountain pipeline system should be sold to First Nations. They will benefit from long-term, stable revenue from the shipping contracts already in place. That revenue may be used to invest in green infrastructure and provide further economic benefits to Indigenous communities.

“We expect the federal government will deliver on its promise to invest all TMX-related revenue back into green energy initiatives here in Alberta. 

“This Federal Court of Appeal decision is a victory for Alberta that sends a strong message. Alberta will responsibly develop its resources and safeguard our environment. Let’s get on with it.”


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