Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and MLA David Swann demand more preparation for Cannabis Legalization

Alberta Liberals David Khan and David Swann have issued the following release on the legalization of cannabis:

Khan stated, “Alberta Liberals are concerned the NDP Government isn’t fully preparing Albertans for the risks that comes with pot legalization. My biggest concern is the impact on youth.

“I support legalization, but we should be taking important steps to mitigate increased risks that may be associated with legalized cannabis.

“Albertans under 25 may be at most risk. Cannabis use may have a detrimental effect on a developing brain up to the age of 25, according to Ottawa’s Public Health Agency.

“The NDP Government must put forward a robust cannabis health education program in our schools. That’s what any responsible Government should do. That public health education should be bolstered with an online campaign targeting post-secondary institutions and adults aged 18-25.”

Swann added, “There are also concerns about how legalization will impact mental health. Use of the drug among youth is associated with increased risk in developing serious mental health problems, including depression and schizophrenia. It is also associated with higher rates of school failure.

“The NDP Government must fund both monitoring this situation and providing more mental health supports.”

Khan and Swann are both supporters of legalization, despite these concerns.

The Alberta Liberals were the first sitting party in the province to adopt formal policy supporting cannabis legalization.

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