Alberta Liberal Candidate Urges NDP to Delay Royalty Review

Calgary, AB (August 11th, 2015)

Ali Bin Zahid, the Alberta Liberal Candidate in the upcoming Calgary-Foothills by-election, urged the NDP government to delay the royalty review today for the sake of peoples’ jobs.

“When I’m out canvassing, people are telling me they’re worried for their jobs,” said Zahid. “They want the government to slow down and listen.”

Alberta Liberals have always believed that Albertans should get their fair share of resource revenues, but with Calgary’s unemployment rate at 6.6% in July (up almost 2%) the timing couldn’t be worse.  Changing the rules of the game in the middle of this economic storm, will only discourage capital from investing in the sector, and lead to more job losses.


“The people I am talking to are telling me they want an MLA that will put the people of Calgary-Foothills first. They don’t want to throw more chaos into an already hurting sector,” added Zahid.

The by-election was necessitated when PC Premier Jim Prentice resigned on election night, mere months after winning another by-election in October of 2014, stunning political observers.

“The last thing the people of Foothills want at this moment is another career politician who will contribute to the NDP’s stubborn determination to do this review now,” said Zahid.

Alberta Liberals are proud to run someone who represents their progressive social values, but who maintains a responsible economic position that protects jobs and the economy.

For more information please contact:

Gwyneth Midgley, Campaign Manager
403 975 4777

Ali Bin Zahid, Alberta Liberal Candidate for Calgary-Foothills


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