Agriculture - Platform Preview


Agriculture is the industry that built Alberta. It gave us our start over a hundred years ago and it’s just as important to our economy and our way of life today. Agriculture is a major contributor to our GDP and the Alberta Liberals are committed to helping the industry thrive.

Protecting our Water Supply

We will use evidence-based, expert opinion to inform and guide water and irrigation policy in Alberta. A prosperous and sustainable agriculture industry requires we manage our water supply well. Issues around water quality and supply for agricultural uses are now of such critical importance that public policy decisions in this area can no longer afford to be motivated by politics.

Soil Health

Liberals will work with farmers to promote soil health and regeneration, boosting organic matter and reducing the use of herbicides, insecticides and fungicides by encouraging more producers to use multi-species cover crops where feasible.

Chronic Wasting Disease

To protect Alberta’s livestock and meat industry, we must acknowledge the serious risks posed by chronic wasting disease ("CWD"), an infectious and incurable brain disease found in deer, elk and moose that is akin to Mad Cow Disease. We’re already losing overseas markets for our meat products by not seriously addressing this danger.

Market Access

Alberta Liberals will work to expand market access for the agriculture industry. We will not let the NDP’s risky oil-by-railcar plan jeopardize rail access for the agriculture industry.

Labour Support

The Alberta Liberals would help address shortages in the agriculture labour market by making immigration a high priority in labour programming and immigration policy in part through reforms to Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program ("AINP").

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