NDP Failing in Accountability and Transparency

Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann says Albertans are losing patience with the continued failure of the NDP to bring greater accountability and transparency to government.

“This is a government that continues to ignore constructive criticism and suggestions from the opposition that would improve accountability,” says Swann. “Whether it is lowering political donation limits, releasing an infrastructure priority list, or creating an independent commission to review public service appointments, this government has refused to act again and again.”

Swann’s comments follow the appointment of Bob Hawkesworth, a failed New Democratic Party candidate, as the Executive Director of the McDougall Centre, a non-partisan position.

“This is exactly why Alberta Liberals have repeatedly called for the creation of an independent public appointments commission to ensure individuals are appointed based on merit,” says Swann. “Meanwhile the government is making infrastructure decisions across the province without bothering to release its infrastructure priority list as promised.

“Sadly, the NDP seem content carry on with the practices of the previous regime rather than improve accountability and the public’s confidence in government.”

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