Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan puts forward his plans to get pipelines built

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan puts forward his plans to get pipelines built, at 218 Crescent Road NW, Calgary, at 1:00 p.m today.

Khan stated, “What is the status of the Trans Mountain Pipeline review process? Albertans have a right to know. We have been kept in the dark on this important project. Alberta Liberals are demanding that the NDP and Federal Governments immediately provide an update to Albertans. We keep asking “Where are we at on TMX?”

“There are far more questions than answers. Will a Cabinet decision come by May 23rd, the 90-day deadline? Will any decision be delayed as part of a callous political ploy? Thousands of jobs and billions of revenue dollars are at stake. All we have is silence. Albertans have a right to be stressed. Another delay could further sink our economy.

“We know the Indigenous consultations must happen. As a Indigenous rights and constitutional law lawyer, I understand how Canada’s Constitution works and the right way to effectively consult and accommodate First Nations’ concerns. There is no shortcut. First Nations must be properly consulted at the highest levels and their concerns meaningfully accommodated.

“Alberta Liberals have more suggestions.

“Let’s get the Energy East pipeline project going again. We can replace oil imports in eastern Canada with more ethical and environmentally-responsible made-in-Alberta oil. We demand the Feds show national leadership and restart this important project. It’s a Win-Win-Win.

“Bill C-69 is deeply flawed and needs to be changed. Allberta Liberals will join with Oil Patch Leaders to demand specific amendments to balance economic, social and environmental concerns.

“Alberta Liberals will cancel the NDP’s costly and risky oil-by-railcar plan. It won’t be fully operational until July 2020. The oil industry has already said it’s a bad idea. We don’t want Alberta taxpayers stuck with another multi-billion dollar NDP boondoggle.”

“TMX will not be built by attacking Ottawa, banning BC wine, threatening to shut off oil exports, and firing up a “War Room” to battle the Feds. Frankly, those ideas are just plain stupid. We need adults in the room. Let’s get together to get pipelines built. Let’s put Albertans back to work.”

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