Bill 214 Introduced in the Legislature

Liberal bill will shine a light on dark money influencing Alberta’s democracy

EDMONTON, AB (NOVEMBER 30, 2017): Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann has introduced Bill 214, An Act to Regulate Political Action Committees, which clearly defines political action committees (PACs) and regulates them in accordance with the same rules as other political entities.

“I am very proud of the proposals being put forward in Bill 214,” says Swann. “Alberta Liberals are, once again, leading the way on this very important issue by being an impetus for change.”

The bill is the culmination of months of strong advocacy by Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan, who first raised the issue in June. If passed, Bill 214 would make Alberta a national leader with the most comprehensive law in Canada governing PACs.

“We need to shine a light on the unregulated dark money that is corrupting our democracy,” says Khan. “Albertans deserve to know who has donated and who is donating to PACs, how much they are donating, and where this money is going afterwards. It’s the only way they can be confident that big money is not buying and selling our democracy.”

Swann sought input from the Chief Electoral Officer on some aspects he incorporated into Bill 214, such as: the definition of a PAC, anti-collusion provisions between PACs and the political entities they support, standardizing the election finance and disclosure rules to include PACs, and banning corporation, union, and out-of-province donations.

He also consulted with the government on the matter by sharing the intent of his bill and discussing various approaches to resolving the issue of dark money in Alberta politics.

“Now is the time for us to get serious about protecting the integrity of our democracy by closing legislative loopholes,” says Swann. “No matter the fate of Bill 214, I expect swift and meaningful action from the government and all Members of the Assembly to protect our democracy from those who are more concerned with winning than ensuring the voice of the people is heard and the public interest is served.”

Please see here for more detailed information on Bill 214.


Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan pleased with the federal government's apology to LGBTQ2S+ Canadians

CALGARY, AB (NOVEMBER 28, 2017): Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan released the following statement in response to the Prime Minister’s apology to LGBTQ2S+ Canadians:

“For far too long, the Canadian government sought to punish people for who they were and who they loved. For decades, thousands of LGBTQ2S+ Canadians who sought to serve their country by working for the federal government were persecuted and fired for their sexuality. This policy, based on ignorant and vile stereotypes, was shamefully still in place as late as the 1990s.

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Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan reacts to the Q2 Fiscal Update

CALGARY, AB (NOVEMBER 28, 2017): Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan released the following statement in response to the Government’s Budget 2017 2nd Quarter fiscal update:

“I’m deeply disappointed that the NDP continue to play games with our fiscal update instead of being honest with Albertans.

“Take their claim that they have reduced the deficit, for example. While it is true we are looking at $138 million reduction, the government fails to accurately represent what a small change that is when we are facing a $10.3 billion deficit.

“Furthermore, that small reduction is not the result of good fiscal management. It’s the result of direct borrowing and the draining of $250 million from Alberta’s “risk adjustment” Contingency Fund. This harkens back the “Fudgit Budgets” of old PC governments. The NDP seem to be content with playing numbers games instead of taking real action to address Alberta’s ongoing and unsustainable deficits of $10 billion and climbing.

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