David Swann's Statement on First NDP Budget


Alberta Liberal Leader Dr. David Swann says the budget tabled today by the NDP fails to address the needs of the Alberta economy.

“Albertans were looking for a proactive budget that would meet the needs of Albertans and be a driver for stimulating and diversifying our economy,” says Swann. “Unfortunately, this budget falls short.”

Alberta Liberals had called for the elimination of small business taxes, incentives for the private sector to create new, green technologies and for all debt financing to come with a debt repayment plan. Today’s budget contains no repayment plan, tax and fee increases that will hurt the middle class, and pilfering of the Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund.

“This is not the budget that Alberta needed,” says Swann. “We now have a massive and growing operational deficit with no action to address the root cause of the deficit. Our economy and our budget remain on the resource revenue roller coaster and we will continue to see deficits year after year.”


Swann comments on the Federal Election results


CALGARY, October 20, 2015 

Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann released the following statement on the results of the federal election:

“After one the longest and most intense elections in Canadian history, change has come to Canada!

“I would like to offer my sincere congratulations to Prime Minister-Designate Justin Trudeau. Last night’s decisive victory is a testament to the power of hope and hard work.

“I would also like to offer my thanks to Prime Minister Stephen Harper for his service to our country. All parties are committed to the betterment of this wonderful country. While we may differ in our visions, our goal for a stronger Canada is the same.

To all candidates who put their names forward to represent their fellow Canadians in the House of Commons, thank you for your commitment to public service. In particular, I must congratulate my dear friends, and former colleagues, Darshan Kang and Kent Hehr on their victories in Calgary – they will make remarkable Members of Parliament.

“Today is a great day to be a Liberal, and a great day for the values of democracy, human rights, transparency, and diversity. I wish our new government all the best.”


Statement by David Swann: National Child Abuse Prevention Month

There is never an excuse to harm a child. It is never okay.

“Tragically, too often we see an increase in incidents of child abuse as our economy weakens. The stresses of unemployment, and individuals turning to alcohol or drugs to cope, can manifest in a vicious cycle of abuse that destroys lives.

“Abuse creates scars that can’t always be seen and that can be very difficult to heal.


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