Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan reacts to 2019 Throne Speech

Alberta Liberal David Khan issues the following statement reacting to the new UCP Government’s first throne speech.

Khan stated, “The UCP’s first throne speech shows a Government that is stuck in the social and economic past.

“While the UCP’s throne speech stated the economy and jobs are a priority, it failed to mention two concrete measures to get Albertans back to work. There was no mention of economic diversification or the new training and education Albertans need to thrive in the future job market. Only paranoia and witch hunts about foreign-funded environmental campaigns and tax cuts for corporations.

“Those same corporate tax cuts will further sink Albertans into debt. While the UCP are quick to cite economists on lowering corporate tax cuts, they’re equally quick to ignore their pleas for Alberta to implement some form of a sales tax. This Government will not get Albertans off the revenue rollercoaster. Basing the fall budget on recommendations of a “blue-ribbon panel” constrained to examine only spending, not revenue options, is reckless and self-defeating.

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Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan announces Alberta Liberal Justice Policy

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan announces the Alberta Liberal Crime and Justice Policy.

Khan stated, “Alberta Liberals have bold solutions for rising crime and justice system problems. We will put more cops on the street. We will address the root causes of crime - poverty and mental health. We will reduce court wait times and push through family law reforms.

“We will invest $10 million in hiring new police officers. We will create a $100 refundable tax credit for home security. We will provide increased support for neighbourhood watch groups.

“We will strengthen our social safety net to make our streets are safer. More resources will be invested in mental health, addictions and poverty reduction policies. We will expand the use of Mental Health and Drug Courts with counselling services so offenders get more help. We want to stop the reoffending cycle.

“The NDP Government ignored many problems in our justice system. The Minister of Justice made few improvements. Crime and the courts were not a priority for Kathleen Ganley. Alberta Liberals are taking a different approach. We will Walk the Talk on these issues so important to Albertans.

“Alberta Liberals will make our courts work better. We will launch two task forces on family law reforms and reducing court wait times.

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Alberta Liberals announce AGLC Reforms

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan announces the Alberta Liberal Plan for AGLC Reforms.

Khan stated, “An Alberta Liberal government will reform AGLC to grow business and boost lifestyle choices for Albertans. This will include modernizing both alcohol and cannabis regulations. AGLC is a restrictive Government monopoly. We will give Albertans more freedom and fun.

“Most Albertans drink responsibly. AGLC’s arbitrary and restrictive regulations treat Albertans like children. We will end that Big Government interference.

“We will eliminate numerous restrictions on alcohol sale and consumption. We will allow liquor at festivals. We will allow liquor at picnics in public parks. We will make it easier to acquire a liquor license for special events. We will reduce restrictions on activities at events where liquor is served. AGLC will no longer be allowed to deny liquor licenses if it deems the entertainment bizarre.

“We will end the AGLC cannabis distribution monopoly. This monopoly has exacerbated a supply shortage that could cost 1,800 jobs and $13 million. We will allow cannabis retailers to find their own distributors and suppliers.

“We will end the AGLC liquor distribution monopoly. This archaic model is rooted in Prohibition from a hundred years ago. We live in 2019, not 1929.

“We will also lift restrictions on breweries to make them more competitive. We will allow them to sell their products directly to restaurants, bars and consumers.

“We will reform AGLC to create jobs and add a little fun. We will give Albertans a better lifestyle. They deserve it.”