Government breaks the bank for Christmas spending spree

CALGARY, AB (December 22, 2017): Alberta Liberals are raising concerns about the NDP borrowing billions just before the holiday break. 

In an Order in Council late yesterday afternoon, Cabinet removed the restriction on the use of foreign currency and authorized the Minister of Finance to borrow money up to $37 billion. The move comes just hours before the civil service goes on an extended holiday period.

"Did the NDP really think no one would notice the piggy bank was broken into and $37 billion was missing?" asks Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan, who says the decision puts the government's cynicism on full display.

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David Khan thanks Calgary-Lougheed Supporters

Alberta Liberal Leader and Calgary-Lougheed candidate David Khan released the following statement thanking campaign supporters: 

"I can't begin to tell you how positive the Calgary-Lougheed campaign was for me and the Alberta Liberal team. 

"Taking on Jason Kenney in his own backyard was always going to be a monumental task.  From his natural support in the area to his big money political machinery, Kenney had the edge. While the final vote count wasn't what we had worked for, there is more than one way for a campaign to come out ahead.

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The NDP Has No Plan