Liberal MLA Dr. David Swann calls for increased access to community health dentistry services for low income and vulnerable Albertans

Alberta Liberal MLA Dr. David Swann has issued the following release calling on the Government to increased access to community health dentistry services for low income and vulnerable Albertans:

Dr. Swann says the NDP Government didn’t go far enough to give Albertan’s adequate access to dental care when it changed the dental fee guide in November.

Dr. Swann stated, “Some dentists are using the new fee schedule but many are not. This has been at best just a baby step but needy Albertans must have giant strides to receive adequate dental care.

“Essential dental care is not elective. The fee adjustments should have been made mandatory at a minimum.”

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Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann releases statement on Education Week

Alberta Liberal MLA has released the following statement on Education Week:

I am proud to stand up and recognize the important role education, educators and their support staff play in our society.

Education Week 2018’s theme – Learning is a Journey – reflects an important truth: that education is more than an end goal to work towards. It is also an enriching personal experience.

The Alberta Liberals will continue their commitment to policy that delivers high-quality education accessible to all of Alberta’s students.

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan demands NDP government introduce means testing for $25-a-day child care spaces

Liberal Leader David Khan is calling on the NDP Government to address inequalities in their $25-a-day child care program: Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) Centres.

Khan stated, “$25-a-day child care spaces are a great idea but the NDP Government is failing Albertans with lower incomes.

“The current system is not means tested. Struggling, low-income Albertans are paying the same rate as higher income families that do not need taxpayer dollars to afford child care.”

Khan also points out Calgary will receive less ELCC Centres and licensed spaces than Edmonton. Calgary is slated for 30 centres and 2,018 spaces compared to  Edmonton’s 35 centres and 2,058 spaces.

“Giving more spaces to a city with a smaller population doesn’t make sense.

“What’s worse, there are year-long waiting lists for these spaces. There are low-income Albertans in desperate need of this service that can’t access it. Studies of a similar program in Quebec before that province instituted some means-testing have shown children from wealthy families have been overrepresented in the publicly-subsidized system. Means testing is necessary to ensure the families that need this program the most have access to it.”