Alberta Liberal Party Announces By-Election Candidates

The Alberta Liberal Party announces candidates for the Provincial by-elections in Innisfail-Sylvan Lake and Fort McMurray-Conklin:

Nick Jansen is a policy analyst with experience in the energy industry and government. He will represent the Alberta Liberals in Innisfail-Sylvan Lake.

Jansen stated, “I believe we can create more opportunity and prosperity for families in Innisfail-Sylvan Lake using free market principles and evidence-based policy. I’m also committed to preserving our core services and not cutting health or education. Alberta families and seniors need a strong social safety net. I look forward to listening to voters and hearing their concerns.”

Robin Le Fevre is a lawyer and entrepreneur with ties to the oil and gas sector and non-profit groups. He will represent the Alberta Liberals in Fort McMurray-Conklin.

Le Fevre stated, “I’m proud to be running for a fiscally-responsible party committed to making Alberta a better place for families and for businesses. I hope to use my experience in Alberta’s oil and gas industries to create jobs and build a stable resource economy for the people of Fort-McMurray-Conklin.

“We have to stop wasteful Government spending that is pushing Alberta towards a $90 billion debt with annual interest payments over $3.5 billion. Albertans can’t afford to mortgage their future and the future of their children and grandchildren.”

Both candidates will be working hard in each community meeting voters with Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and delivering his vision of opportunity, prosperity, and fairness for all Albertans.

Khan stated, “I’m excited about our two fine candidates Nick and Robin. Both are committed to tackling Alberta’s debt, creating economic opportunity and improving core government services. They believe that good jobs are important but we must also provide quality health care and education for all Albertans.”





Alberta Liberals say it’s a bad decision by the NDP Government to drop Associate Health Minister from Cabinet

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and Alberta Liberal MLA Dr. David Swann issue this release on the NDP government dropping the Associate Health Minister from Cabinet:
Khan stated, “The health portfolio needs two cabinet ministers. Its nearly half the provincial budget and is too big for any one minister to handle. The NDP Government has made another bad decision by eliminating the position of Associate Health Minister. It sends the wrong message to Albertans.
“We’re facing major issues in health care like EMS Red Alerts, the Opioid Crisis, a bloated AHS bureaucracy, and chronic underfunding for mental health and preventative health. The NDP have failed to adequately address these issues.
“The NDP talk about UCP cuts to health care. But this Government has done little to improve health care for Albertans. Now, they are cutting a key health care voice from Cabinet.”
Dr. Swann stated, "I had a good working relationship with the former Associate Health Minister. I’m very disappointed to see the NDP suddenly eliminate this key position. I will continue to hold the NDP Government to account on the health care file.
“Health care issues are numerous and complex. Clearly this NDP Government is not serious about fixing these issues when it eliminates a frontline health care cabinet minister.”

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan will attend Mission Possible 2018 Community Celebration.

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan will be attending the Mission Possible 2018 Community Celebration.

Speaking on the Calgary Flood Khan stated, “Join me in celebrating the resilience and strength of Calgarians as we mark the 5th anniversary of the 2013 Calgary Flood. It was the costliest flood in Canadian history causing more than $6 billion in damage. Calgarians paid that price with catastrophic destruction of their homes and property. But, we all pulled together, helped each other and fulfilled the true meaning of community.

“Alberta has been described as the “Natural Disaster Capital” by the Insurance Bureau of Canada. It’s time the NDP Government began to develop new strategies for disaster mitigation and relief that will protect all Albertans.”

Alberta Liberals are calling on the development of low cost comprehensive government-supported overland flood insurance. Both the Alberta and Federal Governments must collaborate together on this plan

“The Provincial Government is responsible for covering uninsured losses in the immediate aftermath of a major disaster. That can be a significant hit to the Provincial Budget. While the Federal Government has covered some of these losses, they are now reducing funding for disaster relief. . Clearly, this compensation model is changing and may no longer be adequate.”

Canada is the only G7 country without government-supported overland flood insurance available for its citizens.

That must change to protect all Albertans and all Canadians.